Tuner Battlegrounds: Battle for SEMA 2013 Update: A Worth Addition

In my last entry, I mentioned my new wheel set up was only missing 3 things: 1. Lug Nuts, 2. Tires and 3. Brakes.

You might notice that D2 was missing... up until last night, that is!

Last night, a very worthy addition to the Supra arrived. A D2 Racing 356mm 8 POT Caliper Big Brake Kit (front) in D2's signature purple color!

I know most of you guys probably aren't familiar with the Supra as a platform but the OEM MKIV Supra TT held braking records for both 60-0 mph and 70-0 mph for nearly 12 years and the same setup designed nearly 20 years ago is still contending with current day brake set ups.

So, what sets D2 apart from the rest? If I told you guys these brakes were huge, it would be an understatement. When I opened the box, my jaw almost hit the floor. The 8 piston caliper that is included is, in my opinion, one of the best looking, and largest I have ever seen. Now, I know we've all seen companies fit 15-17" rotors with calipers like this, but what makes D2 unique is this beast of a caliper is offered on a 356mm (a little over 14") rotor. See that small looking tire behind the caliper? Yeah, that's a 345/30R19!

The OEM Supra brakes have set the bar very high, and though it's very early in the game, I think it's safe to say D2 Racing clears it with ease.

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