Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 Update: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Team Toyo was out in the arena showing off their skills in their D1 cars and Kawabata here displaying why he's the best in the game.
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CES 2014 Update: Mobile Solutions

Brian from Mobile Solutions doing new product demos at the CES. Stay tuned for some very cool adjustable templates new for 2014!
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Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 Update: Saturday, January 11, 2014

pasmag tokyoautosalon 2014 adamzillin PASSAT-1Full coverage will be uploaded on shortly. Kuhl Garage. You've never heard of them but this was an amazing pair of cars. The 86 especially was one of the best at the show among 100 examples. What's your favorite car in this photo?? Star Road rocking new cut and poli...
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CES 2014 Update: Fishman does it again

Dave "The Fishman" Rivera is one of the greatest fabricators ever. I have been looking at his work since I was a kid and he didn't disappoint with the Arc Audio Mustang. Notice behind the motorized and removable IPAD the stock radio is still there. Very nice.
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CES 2014 Update: RE Audio Demo Car drew a crowd

I have to give props to the builder of this car. Nice lines and a cool sliding amp rack.
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