Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Saturday, January 10

PASMAG Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Japan Recaro

Take a seat, PAS readers, as I show you a few highlights from the 2015 TAS. Saturday at the Tokyo Auto Salon brings with it a very different level of intensity. The crowds are let loose and arguably over 70% are there for one thing and one thing only. The girls.

PASMAG Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Japan Subaru Blitzen Legacy
Subaru brought some very interesting new releases to the show including this new Blitzen Legacy. I'm not the biggest fan of the Eurocentric Blitzen styling but I give Subaru (and STi) 10/10 for releasing their new models at the TAS instead of taking the more traditional Tokyo Motor Show route.

PASMAG Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Japan LB Works Liberty Walk Performance BMW
Liberty Walk showed up with a barrage of "over-fendered" exotics and R35's. Their cars were everywhere in the East hall and I admit to not being a fan of throwing over-fenders on every car. It's a pretty big cash cow that Kato san is currently riding and it is obviously being milked dry. over-fenders on the new F488 GTB are just around the corner... mark my words!

PASMAG Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Japan Signal Auto Nissan Skyline R32
But let's not forget our roots here since it is the Tokyo Auto Salon and not the Tokyo Euro Salon... which rounds out nicely when we were treated to this 8 second R32 weapon made by Signal Auto back in the early 90's. The Japanese were running 8's in these cars before half the world even knew what the cars were capable of!

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