What Monsters Do Sale 06.28.13


For months now, I've been eyeing this "240/180 King of the Drift" tee by What Monsters Do but have had no luck with any Canadian online retailers. Today, a friend of mine showed me a 20% off promo-flyer on the WMD site. So, I went on their site and noticed that the tee I've always wanted was available. Sold! I just bought my first What Monsters Do tee, and can't wait to rock it... ya know, since I'm a new/proud owner of a 240sx :D. Check out their line.

pasmag whatmonstersdo 86-Crew-tita-gray-store

pasmag whatmonstersdo it-started-in-japan-t-shirt-front

pasmag whatmonstersdo WMD 2380-tshirt-love

More tees can be found on their SITE. Use promo code FDNJ to activate a 20% discount!


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