The Sweet and Beautiful Walk Among Us

WOW! So I am honored to say I have met some really cool humans the past couple weeks. One in particular would happen to be the ever so beautiful, Rachele Leah of the Preston and Steve girls! Ms. Leah is the model we promoted to shoot with Senshi the black Rx7, in the last feature we did. We sat down with her and asked her a bunch of random questions. Lets see how much we can get out of her and see how close we can get to knowing the real Rachele. Now introducing the all natural from head to toe, Rachele Leah!! :D Lets get this rolling.

Height: 5"5

Weight: 115

Measurements: Waste: 26 Hips: 36  Bust: 34D

Ethnicity: Italian

Sign: Leo

Age: 22 (23 in july)

Hometown: Doylestown

Instagram: @RacheleLeah

DD: Do you have a favorite car?

RL: The Rx7 I'm standing with.

DD: Do you have any nicknames? What are they and what’s the cutest one?

RL: Most of my friends and family call me Rae, but when I was younger my brother gave me the nickname kNorkle. I can't remember exactly why but it had something to do with playing in a boat in my pool.

DD: College YAY or NAY?

RL: YAY! I am attending college for health and physical education at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

DD: Yea, we all can see quite well you have the ability to look good and fit. So I’m sure the world is wondering what hidden talents such a beautiful model like yourself has. Do explain!

RL: I was a gymnast since I was little which turned into being a cheerleader in middle school and high school, and I also continued to cheer in college.

DD: What are your biggest turn-ons.

RL: An athletic body and tattoos

DD: With any turn on’s there has to be biggest turn-offs!

RL: A guy who doesn't drink Whiskey

DD: Describe some of your favorite foods.

RL: Anything high in carbs. I could eat mashed potatoes, pizza, pasta, or steak every single day.

DD: Do you watch TV? What are your must watch shows? Like everything else is put on hold to watch these shows!

RL: I absolutely love The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood or any other show with vampires. I am also a huge Gleek.

DD: So I have this goal in life to at least take Emma Watson out on a date. Care to share that celebrity you would ditch any good guy for?

RL: Vin Diesel has been my Hollywood crush for as long as I can remember.

Speed Dating! GO!

Worst habit? - Playing with my hair when I'm nervous

Guilty pleasure? - Naps

Favorite color? - Blue

Look good or go fast? - Look good

Dirt under your nails or make the BF do it? - Dirt... with some help from the BF

Childhood crush? - Monkey Boy (my sister will understand)

Tattoos and piercings? - Ears pierced and belly button. Three tattoos (hip, ribs, and upper back) with many more to come

Speak any other languages? - I have taken 6 years of Spanish and still don't know very much past ¿Cómo estás?.

Your weirdest phobia? - Stink bugs

DD: So anyone who knows me, knows I’m addicted to Swedish Fish. Are you addicted to anything?(bad or good SPILL IT!! lol)

RL: Chocolate

DD: Is it true that pretty much everyone has a favorite part about their body? What’s yours?

RL: I like my height, I'm not too short or too tall.

DD: Your least favorite body part on myself is:

RL:  My ears. They poke out of my hair when it's straight

DD: Last but not least of getting to know Rachele Leah aka Knorkle!

DD: Name three artists on your playlist, iPod, or in your car now.

RL: Taylor Swift, 2 chainz, Biggie Smalls

Links/shout outs

Shout outs to Tom for letting us take his car out, to Preston and Steve for allowing me to be apart of their beautiful group, and to DDAMANTI Photography for the opportunity and great shots from the Rx7 shoot!

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