Syndicate Automotive's Sony Hummer H2

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The folks at Sony USA know that they have some of the coolest mobile audio and electronics on the planet. But it’s the company’s partnership with Syndicate Automotive in San Diego, CA that results in some of the most creative demo vehicles we’ve ever seen. This particular 2003 Hummer H2 is one of the duo’s most recent collaborations and showcases the talents of both sides perfectly.

Sony Hummer H2 2

By nature, the H2 platform was made to turn heads, but Syndicate wanted to make sure that the Sony version would break necks. Plenty of work and creativity would be needed if they wanted to make Sony’s fantasy a reality, but there were already a few ideas being kicked around the shop that would surely set this Hummer apart from its competition.

Sony Hummer H2 3

Armed with a monstrous engine, the Hummer is no slouch and its 316hp and 360lb/ft simply beg to haul gear. However, the Syndicate crew knows that ‘stock doesn’t shock’ and plans were put in motion to force-feed the 6.0L motor. A call was made to the experts at Vortech Engineering to get this truck blown. The kit comes complete with an intercooler, while Syndicate added a K&N intake and Magnaflow exhaust to help the eight-cylinder motor breathe a little easier. Leeper estimates the Hummer’s Vortech-aided power output is close to 450hp, making this specimen one of the most powerful H2s we’ve ever featured.

Sony Hummer H2 4

Though the Hummer packs a punch, the truck’s exterior needed a major overhaul in order to become the show-stopper it was destined to be. Nothing alters a vehicle’s appearance quite like a suspension tweak, especially when it comes in the form of a 14-inch lift kit from Bulletproof Suspension. Using a set of six Fox 2.0 shocks with external reservoirs, this H2 towers over the road like it was Yao Ming at a family reunion.

Sony Hummer H2 5

Two Sony XS- LD125P5 12-inch subwoofers nestled in separate enclosures behind the rear passengers are fed by a pair of Sony XM-SD1X amplifiers to reproduce the bottom end. To handle the mids and highs, four CM-5022X amplifiers power two sets of Sony XS-D170SI 6.5-inch components located in custom kick panels up front and in the rear doors.Sony Hummer H2 6

Capitalizing on the H2’s military persona, Leeper and the Syndicate crew decided to let the theme go wild inside the cabin. Using the sharp edges and shapes found in heavy artillery like tanks and stealth bombers, Leeper fabricated enclosures throughout the interior for the tons of product Sony sent their way.

Visuals were going to be a major part of the build and Syndicate went to town by installing six Sony XVM-H65 6.5-inch monitors up front – four of which surround the steering wheel. The factory gauge cluster was re-located and placed in front of the passenger; while massive Sony LKLV- 215G2 21-inch screens sit in the middle of the dash and in the rear trunk.

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