Sitting here with Miz Kpop

Sitting here with Kellie aka Miz Kpop! Such an honor, might I add! Model, Photographer, and gear-head, I mean what more can you ask for in a human? HAHA. Kellie and I met at a car show awhile back and I have always been a fan of her work. In fact I look forward to next year's car shows. Let's save the small talk and get to the bottom of Miz Kpop's feature! For all of you who know of her, I'm sure these might be some questions you have wondered. 

D: Miz Kpop where are you from?
K: I'm from Ocean City, Maryland and I was born in Salisbury, Maryland. It's a busy summer town and Winter seems like a ghost town. If you have never been to Ocean City, MD you need to come for a weekend during the summer. It's relaxing during the day with the beach and party central at night.

D: Yeah, we all love the beach - that peaceful sound of crashing waves! The nightlife is amazing as well! I look forward to you being a tour guide when I come down... Hint Hint! :D Modeling is so inspiring, when did you start and what inspired you to become a model?
K: I started modeling in the Summer of 2006, when I was offered a chance to be in a tractor calender with my friend. That is when the "can of worms" was opened. My first ever car show was June 2006 in Ocean City with Sound of Tri State. 

D: I have to see that calendar! Remind me to ask you next time. I have been to one show in OCM, awhile back. I forget the name... a lot of VW's for sure HAHA. So, I have heard that not only do you dance in front of the camera... you also dance behind it! Which came first the chicken or the egg in this aspect? :D
K: I took photography classes in high school and loved it so much! I thought I wouldn't go anywhere with it so I put the camera down. When I started shooting with my first photographer and good friend Sabawa, he let me mess with his camera and gave me some camera lessons and photoshoot classes. So, then I became, as some may know, KMKFOTO, as well as Miz Kpop.

D: Those are some badass talents! I am thinking I might start modeling o.O just so I can keep up with you. HA! As I looked through your profile, I see you drive a pretty sick RSX. Briefly tell us more about it. What's done, what's your next mod, and where can we see it (online)?
K: Oh my RSX! :) I have a 2003 Acura RSX Type-S

Performance- Injen Cold Air Intake,Dc sport header,Full HKS high power exhaust.

Suspension- Raceland coilovers, BWR orange lower control arms,Eibach sway bars, Dc sport titanium strut bar,BEAKS neon yellow lower tie bar

Interior- Blue JDM type r carpet,Blue JDM door inserts,Blue marble shift knob,Pioneer Flip out Dvd player,2 10' subs,Wink mirror

Exterior- rear lip and side skirts,Front lip,Fog lights,JDM Black housing head lights,8k Hid 

17' GramLight t57rc,Blue SickSpeed lug nuts

Awards and Media History 

Best Female Ride at Import Face off April 1 at capital raceway 

Best New School at a local car show

Best Female Ride at Oc car and truck show June 9 & 10 in Ocean City, MD.

Best Acura at the Wilmington Scion Car Expo September 22nd in Wilmington, DE.

My car and I are featured on or search Model Miz Kpop to see more on Facebook.

Some future ideas I have for it are: Carbon fiber OEM hood, new lip kit, wire tuck engine bay, Jackson Racing Supercharger, XXR Rims, wheel spacers, Jdm side marker lights, Oem window visors, rear wiped eliminator, short shifter, and Kpro.

D: Mighty fine car it sounds like! Think I can drive it? I def miss my cars. One day we will have time to get back into it. So Ocean City huh? How did Sandy effect it?
K: Sandy came down hard on Ocean City, MD. Ocean City suffered from a lot of coastal flooding and some power outages. I pray for all my friends in NJ/NY - they were hit way worse than we did.
D: YIKES! Yea, I saw photos from it. I saw posts claiming most of the photos were photoshopped. So, I was kinda curious. Ok, back on subject here - Sorry, I get side tracked! If a homeless person walked up to you tomorrow and handed you $50,000 tax free, what would be the first thing to come to mind?
K: $50,000!? Oh, boy! I would get my 2008 Civic Type R Mugen Four Door. Then, a deposit on a house with a garage to keep my babies in :)
D: Yea those Civics are pretty sexy, huh? Ok, speed questions. Go! Favorite movie? Favorite ice cream? Favorite Animal? Favorite Vegetable? Favorite Car?
K: Well, my favorite movie is Hurt Locker - I love a guy in uniform. Favorite ice cream is going to have to be Cotton Candy or Mint Chocolate Chip. Favorite Animal is a Ferret or if you're buying me a dog, then a Pit Bull. Favorite veggie would have to be corn. Favorite car... Hmm. That's a hard one! I really want a 2008 Civic Type R Mugen Four Door hmmmmmmm
D: Well, I see you have your interests in check! I wasn't too clear on the Mugen Civic. Thanks for clearing that up! Maybe Santa will stuff your garage stocking with one. HA!  Do you have a deep dark secret we can share with the world? :D
K: Well, I'd have to say I used to be a nerdy, horse loving and band color-guard girl growing up! Yea, it's a little embarrassing, I know lol
D: That is too cute! I totally saw the nerd in you, but did not see the color-guard. I promise not to post it on Facebook. Miz Kpop, you have an amazing look! Do you work out or are you one of those ladies everyone hate's because you can, "have your cake and eat it to"? :P
K: I have always been a twig growing up. Now, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week running on the treadmill. Yes, I do have my cake and eat it too, though I can out eat most of my friends lol.
D: And here I was thinking you were going to say, "mind your business"! HAHA I love cake too and I'm the same way. I eat like a horse and just sit here and yet I'm thin! Performance Auto and Sound... What does that mean to you?
K: It's one of the best performance mags out there! All the best models, all the best cars, and one day I hope to be one of the models featured in this mag! It would be the best day of my life! :)
D: Kellie, you're on their blog now! So, maybe that's one less step to that road you desire. Can you give us some more brief tidbits about your life? Family? Brothers and/or sisters?
K: No brothers or sisters. It's just my Mom, Dad and I. My other family members are in Mississippi and Texas. Oh, how I miss them.

D: Well, get your butt on a plane and go see them! :p HAHA. What do you do when you're not modeling/photographing?
K: I work as a Executive Assistant at an IT company called TRGroup inc. When I'm not working, I hang out with friends and work on cars.

D: Wow! Sounds important but yet exciting. Make that money! HAHA. Which event/show has been the most inspiring to you?
K: OC Car Show has done the most inspiring to me. They helped me out a lot to get my self rolling. Also, Tuner Evolution has helped me a lot with seeing the quality of cars and models. I have always been impressed and great honor just attending it.

D: Ah, yes! TE is a crazy show. I have been going for a couple years now and I definitely love it. Well, I see you have yourself a man. If it's ok with you, tell us a little about him.
K: My boyfriend's name is Jarred. We have been together for 5 years and he's my better half. Jarred pushes me to succeed at modeling and anything I want to do. We are Honda heads together! That's romance to me! He has also succeeded in pushing me to work on my own cars, which in turn, got me to work on others.

D: Who has been your most supportive person in life?
K: The most supportive people in my life have been my mom and my boyfriend. Also, who can forget all my loving friends. You know who you are!

D: Ok, last but not least - anything else you want to say here, shout-outs, credits, and/or links?
K: I'd like to shout-out all the photographers I have worked with and every one that has been supportive towards me every step of the way. Big shout-out to John Schill with Absolute Pro-Formance, Jay Martinez with Tuner Evolution, Brian and Brad with Spark Production and OC Car Show, Sabawa Fotographica, Rsellos Photography, Dante Damanti and all my Team Solo boys.

D: Aw snap! I got a shout out! Seriously though, those are some great props, definitely some great people!Kellie, aka Miz Kpop, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. I am looking forward to doing a shoot with you! I just might take a trip to OC soon :D

Photo credits: RSellos Photography

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