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Weapon R Mustang 1


*As seen in PASMAG Volume 9 Series 6

Text by: Michael Semira - Photos by: Nick Parker


Ever since Ford released its redesigned Mustang platform a few years ago, the iconic pony car has been carving a place for itself in the tuner scene. Unlike its predecessors that were few and far between in our scene, this ’Stang has captured the attention of car builders and aftermarket manufacturers alike because of its drop-dead styling and performance potential. In some cases, it has compelled traditional tuners like Chris Algoro to push Hondas and Toyotas aside, and try putting their stamp on Ford’s flagship performance car.    


Weapon R Mustang 2


Purchased in July 2006 and with the deadline just over four months away, Algoro kicked things into overdrive and began piecing his car together. The most complicated part of the build would be adding ponies to the 4.6L V8 that spun the rear wheels. Fortunately, the Mustang GT had been on the market for some time already, and a number of power-adding options were readily available. Algoro decided on the ProCharger P1 supercharger system, which he paired with a custom Weapon-R Secret Weapon intake system and Magnaflow exhaust. He also used his skills to fabricate a custom air-to-air intercooler and upgraded the factory fuel delivery system with ATI injectors. 


Weapon R Mustang 3


With the help of a Nitrous Express 100-shot system, Algoro’s blown Mustang produces a dyno-proven 539hp and 496lb/ft of torque at the flywheel. The supercharged ponies are harnessed and sent to the wheels via a Stage 2 clutch from Spec. 


Weapon R Mustang 4


Grip for the ’Stang is provided by a set of meaty Falken tires wrapped around a set of 20-inch Konig Stampede wheels. Measuring 255/35 in front and 275/35 out back, the FK-452 rubber works with the 14-inch Baer big brake upgrade up front to keep the car under control.


Weapon R Mustang 5


Being a big fan of the car’s styling, Algoro wasn’t keen on taking away from the car’s original retro-inspired look. Rather than opt for an extreme ‘facelift,’ the Street Scene body kit, black chrome grill and duckbill spoiler that were added accent the Mustang like expensive makeup. Painted and installed by Image Autobody in Colma, CA, Algoro’s Weapon-R Mustang makes heads turn like they were on swivels. 


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