Pretty in Pink (in Texas)


Pics by Lina Rodriguez


Last month, on the way to Tucson for Import Face Off (IFO), we came across a stout looking RX-8 drapped in pink paint at a fuel point in Lordsburg, New Mexico. It turned out that the owner was headed to the same event, and was driving the 300+ miles in her show car to demonstrate to the Tuner community what a dedicated female can produce. The young lady was Lina Rodriguez, and we learned a lot more about her and her drive that weekend, as she won Best Mazda during the Import Face Off Car Show competition.


The Rodriguez family are not neophytes in the world of RX’s. The Projekt Cars staff was well aware of the massive build her husband completed years ago. Rocking carbon fiber galore, immaculate chameleon paint job and such items as a full roll cage and copious amounts of engine work. This masterpiece was unfortunately stolen in 2008, and the next Rodriguez RX was a 3rd gen rx7 which was sold to start their new business and body shop last year in May.



I’m sure most can agree that choosing a color for your ride is absolutely nerve wrecking, especially when you see multitudes of gorgeous colors on a daily basis. Taking the time to look at many vehicles and colors to see which goes best with your car and your personality can take a lot of time. In her work place, Lina consults many customers who cannot decide on one particular color for their own projects. So, when it came down to choose, Lina experience the same crisis as her customers.


Growing up into the car scene and being around people who have a passion for their cars helped Lina decide on how she could  build a car that not only has its own unique style, but built also to remind the world that cars are not only for men.  Building this beautiful RX8 was way to individualize her vehicle in such manner which also exemplifies her own personality. Lina has been into the automotive Tuner scene since 2006. She first started off as a spectator, watching the passion her husband had since he was 16yrs old; giving him a good 13yrs of experience within the tuner scene.  During the last seven years, she has used her own passion to support to the community by showing their cars in various events.


As local business owner of Buddys Body Shop, Lina not only understands how important the car scene is to many car enthusiasts, but how important it is to many people who choose to grow up in this hobby/ lifestyle as well. The Rodriquez family has found something they are both passionate about, and something they can use to do something good for the community in return. The owners of Buddys Body Shop strongly feel that they have a unique opportunity to help others with their cars; which not only gives them great satisfaction, they also see it as a huge honor. The honor of helping create a vehicular masterpiece. Lina and family have reached a point where they are able to help those in need when it comes down to fundraisers or donations, which adds to their personal happiness. These opportunities have allowed them to make personal lifelong friendships; which they see as a bonus to their Tuner lifestyle.



Lina believes that when a new customer comes to Buddys Body Shop for professional advice it is their job to educate said customer on what each of their choices can lead to.  These choices range from choosing Kandy colors on a custom paint job to deciding on the cambering degree of their wheels. Lina ensures the customer knows both the good and bad advantages of their modifications.  This is why we believe her presence in the Tuner community will grow exponentially in the years to come, and the win at IFO is the first of many more to come.


If you are like us at Projekt Cars, you will want to see the progression of work from start to grave. You can view the installs at the album Projekt Pretty in Pink at

UPDATE: R1 Concepts announced sponsorship of Lina Rodriguez's Mazda RX8! Stay tuned for more updates.

Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90's as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through Rollin'Art.
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