P.F. Supercars' Mazda RX-7

P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7 2This particular 1993 Mazda RX-7 started out humble enough but once work started on the 13B-REW there was no turning back. Starting out with the right partner, the car was brought to P.F. Supercars in Frederick, MD, where the rotary was given a complete performance rebuild. The Rotary connection is strong in Utica, New York, where Elevation Audio knew to build one, it would have to be off the chain to get noticed amongst so many RX-7s.P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7 3

P.F. Supercars added the Rotary Extreme T04R and HKS wastegate single to replace the sequentials. Intake air is chilled with an innovative Rotary Extreme V-Mount and vented with a TiAL blow-off valve. The NGK one step colder plugs are lit up by an HKS DLI ignition. A custom PF Supercars 4-inch downpipe and test pipe links up with a GReddy EVO cat back for some trademark rotary backfires. After a tune with an A’PEXi Power FC and many late night dyno runs, the car is capable of an estimated 500whp on pump juice.P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7

Visually the car works with its aggressive styling coming from Japanese aero parts rarely found over here. Feed front and rear diffuser were fitted to the car as we a set of Feed sideskirts. The tails were replaced with JDM units and a 6000K HID kit found its way onto OEM clears.

P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7 1But what RX-7 would be complete with out some upgrades to the footwook. A set of TenzoR Type M wheels were ordered in 19x8.5-inch for the front and 19x10-inch for the rear. Cloaking the Tenzos are Nittos unstoppable INVO tires with the asymmetrical tread. The steering inputs go to 235/35R19s while the 500 ponies are channeled to healthy 285/30R19s.P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7 4

The cabin is all about the audio. With the addition of a carbon fiber dash kits, some Auto Meter gauges and pods, the balance of it is basically stock. Except where any factory audio unit used to reside, which has been pulled long ago in order to showcase Elevation product. Connected to a Pioneer D3 headunit are Elevation Audio 500.1 mono amp and Elevation Audio 300.2 for mids. 

P.F. Supercars Mazda RX-7 5The mono is connected to a Elevation Audio Comp-10 sub in a sealed enclosure. The 6-inch Loud and Clear mids are mounted at 6 different locations around the cabin complimented by Elevation Audio tweeters for bright highs.

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