Oh! The Irony!

Posted by Tim Rutledge on Tuesday, 08 January 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh! The Irony!

I'm a sucker for irony and when I first read this story, it was not only interesting because a stripper had her car stolen, (I'm sure that's a regular occurrence actually) but the car was eventually found, you guessed it, stripped. 

Jess Barton's Toyota Supra was found stripped of all performance parts and there is now a $6000 reward for anyone who can bring the perpetrator to justice. Until then, it's more like poetic justice. 

Barton's car however, was pretty rad. It was an "8 second quarter-mile monster." Not to mention she's a stone cole FOX!

Oh! The Irony!

(Full Story and photo by Jalopnik, additional photography by Made Mansion)

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