Lets review!

So, where have you been this year? Comment below and share your show experiences. Couple of the bigger highlights - I have been to Fresh Meets Summer Bash 2012. Super awesome show! We had a blast! You can scope out a couple photos from it below.

We also made it to Tuner Evolution aka TE. Great show! Plenty of photo opportunities :D. Some photos for you all to share. :D


We all had a blast at these shows and I can not wait until next year! Here are a few more we attended: Carlisle 2012 shows, Import Faceoff, Import Alliance, Canibeat's First Class Fitment. A buddy of mine threw a Kickoff party type show. Had a blast there as well, met some cool people. Again please feel free to comment below with the shows you attended and any links you may have for it. Photos are always welcome!

FRS/BRZ Spotted at SEMA
Geisha Events