Lawrence Ojas' Intec Racing Nissan 240sx

J-SPEC Intec Racing 240SX 3

Lawrence Ojas is arguably the city’s Number One Stunna, as his Intec Racing operation is responsible for putting out a number of the Seattle area’s top rides. This 1989 Nissan 240SX is the latest addition to his stable and is quite possibly the most insane street / track project we’ve ever seen. But like any hardcore enthusiast, Ojas wanted to show progression in his style and was prepared to break the bank with this project. The end result is one of the most well put-together vehicles to hit the scene, as he was even kind enough to show us the build-up process from start to finish.

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With plans for the 240SX to spend plenty of time on the track, the top priority on Ojas’ list was strengthening the car’s chassis. Giving the S13 chassis its Sherman Tank-like strength is the complete stitch weld job performed by the crew at Intec Racing. The shell was then sent out to nearby P1 Racing where a custom roll cage that met both drift and time attack specifications was designed and fabricated.

J-SPEC Intec Racing 240SX 1

James Guse was then commissioned to lend his efforts to the cause, spraying the exterior in Le Mans Sunset Orange. He went on to paint the roll cage in a PPG Chameleon Silver / Gold combination, while the interior received a couple layers of PPG Gunmetal.


The interior remains strictly business like Donald Trump, with a Bride Zeta III seat used to hold the driver in place and a Nardi wheel to point the fastback in the right direction. A pant-wetting Stack meter sits flush in the custom carbon dash to display all the vitals and is the cherry on top of this automotive sundae.


An Origin Aggressive bodykit and S15 Silvia headlight conversion adds some attitude to the hatchback, with Ojas using Dzus fasteners to hold the panels in place for quick removal / installation. This makes track day repairs a breeze for the race crew, as entire panels can be replaced quicker than ever before.

Seibon came through for Ojas in a big way, supplying the car with a carbon hood, hatch and door panels. The car stays glued to the ground courtesy of the added aerodynamics provided by the APR Performance carbon fibre wing and Silk Road under spoiler, while a pair of Vision carbon mirrors were affixed to the driver and passenger sides.

J-SPEC Intec Racing 240SX 4

Like many 240SX tuners before him, Ojas had no intention of keeping the factory-issued 2.4L engine. Instead, the Kent, WA resident opted for a SR20DET motor that has been extensively prepped for race action by Charles Dundon of Intec Racing. Fitted with forged CP pistons and Eagle rods, this 2.0L is all business. Tomei 264-degree camshafts matched with adjustable cam gears provide a more turbo-friendly powerband, while the GReddy valve springs and Tomei solid lifters were inserted to accommodate the high-revving action.

No doubt that the SR20DET’s stock T25 turbocharger wasn’t going to make the cut, so Ojas plumbed in a quick-spooling GT2871R turbo into the setup. The SR20DET is fed via a GReddy intake and polished manifold, while the Silk Road exhaust manifold that hangs off the side helps expunge the combusted gases through an A’PEXi titanium exhaust.

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