Kenny Guzman's 97' Honda Civic

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Some of history’s greatest artists were considered the biggest risk takers. On their quest to express themselves, geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo defied convention. Many of today’s top tuners are seen as artists in their own right, using their rides as rolling canvases that express their style. Kenny Guzman of Anaheim, CA takes this philosophy to heart, as his 1997 Honda Civic is a mobile testament of his creativity.

Kyowa Racing Honda Civic 7

Purchased back in October 2000, Guzman took on this Civic project to keep up with his good friend Mario Crisantos who had a highly modified 1998 Honda Civic. Crisantos’ Civic coupe was making noise on the show scene and Guzman wanted a piece of the pie. Over six years and $35,000USD later, his Civic has surpassed all expectations and is a great example of rolling automotive art.

Kyowa Racing Honda Civic 3

The car’s biggest attraction is the exterior which sports more custom work than a re-run of Pamela Anderson’s VIP show. Taking inspiration from the BMW 3-series and M3, Guzman’s Civic features 3-series headlights along with an actual M3 front bumper modified to fit the EK body. Feel’s widebody fenders were also popped on to give the car added dimension to the front and rear, while Ground Designs Black Widow side skirts and rear bumper were moulded to the body for a smooth look.

A BMW carbon-fibre hood (complete with the signature Bimmer kidney-shaped front grill) was also custom-fitted to the Civic, with an authentic set of M3 gills fitted into the front fenders to complete the look. Out back, this Civic’s rear end gets more stares than Vida Guerra thanks to a pair of Ford Mustang taillights that replace the stock Honda pieces and a chrome STR rear bumper diffuser.

Kyowa Racing Honda Civic 1

Underneath the carbon-woven trunk, the familiar sight of a Honda 1.6L motor reminds you that this vehicle is indeed still a Civic at heart. However, this D16Y8 bares little resemblance to what it looked like when it rolled off the factory line, as Guzman partnered with Chris Mann at Rowdy Kustomz in Anaheim, CA to equip the ‘little engine that could’ with a custom turbo kit. Using an externally-gated T3 / T4 turbocharger to provide boost and a Bullfrog Stage 2 camshaft giving the motor a turbo-friendly powerband, power production is now almost doubled! A GReddy Type-S blow-off valve releases boost pressure, while an XS Engineering front-mount intercooler, Fluidyne radiator and slim electric fan keep the engine running as cool as ice.

Kyowa Racing Honda Civic 4

Rolling stock comes courtesy of Kyowa Racing and the Kyowa K12 multi-spoked wheels. Measuring 20 x 7.5 at all four corners, these sweet rims feature a black face and polished lip. Wrapped in 225 / 30-sized Nankang rubber, the Civic has no problem getting a grip on the asphalt whenever Guzman put the pedal to the metal.

Kyowa Racing Honda Civic 5

XO Vision made sure the Civic serves up plenty of visual stimulation, as it’s hooked up with no less than four LCD monitors mounted in the front dash area: 7-inch monitor in the dash, a pair of 4-inch monitors located in the A/C vents and 5.6-inch monitor in the shifter console. Another pair of XO Vision 5.6-inch monitors is mounted in the rear headrests, while a single 5.6-inch display is mounted in-between the headlights along with Kicker 6.5-inch coaxials.


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