Keep your JDM pride in check!

Here in North America, we all know that certain automotive fads and styles can do more harm than good. Our friends at 7Tune explain a "JDM" iconic logo - well, here in North America, that is - the green/yellow "leaf". Adam Zillin of 7Tune clarifies a few things in his blog.

"The Shoshinsha mark or Wakaba mark, introduced in ’72, is the green and yellow leaf-shaped symbol that Noob Japanese drivers have to display on their cars for a period of one year after being granted their license. You’ve got to have them on both ends of the car as well to make sure everyone else on the road can see them and avoid your noobishness behind the wheel. Sure, you can keep them on there after the year is up and a lot of drivers do this because.. they still consider themselves Noobs."


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