Joy and Pain

Posted by Richard Robles on Monday, 22 July 2013 in Misc

Joy and Pain
In 1988 Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock followed up the big tune, "It Takes Two" with the life anthem "Joy and Pain." I call it a 'life' anthem because most important things consist of one or the other.  Relationships, parenthood, and equally important: my cars.

Yeah, I said it. Don't judge me!

So my 1999 Q45t (Y33), graced with an Air Runner air suspension system and some "good enough for now" rims, had brought me so much joy riding dirty when the chance was there, but after an unfortunate turn of events she has now become my pain. Depending on the context used there's nothing worse than a blown bag. The chances of being in this one percentile isn't exactly the good side either.
Joy and Pain
So maybe I should have quoted the Common track, "I Used to Love H.E.R?"

Now with the tables turned I'm the one lying in bed with my Cima giving me the excuses of, "I swear this has never happened before!" But like most people on the receiving end of that statement and no matter how disappointed I might feel I still, like all thing that matter, unconditionally love her.

So here’s to another weekend spending quality time with the ones you love!
Joy and Pain

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