Importfest Toronto Setup and Roll-in

Here are a few of the pictures I saw on my feed earlier today of Importfest Toronto setup and roll-in.

The Importfest flagship car owned by Importfest owner, Basit Mirza.
pasmag importfest team vossen bmw m6

Curtis, along with other members of Team Yokohama Canada prepare to roll-out.
pasmag importfest curtis rollout

Melanie McKenna shows us a picture of her trailer queen.
pasmag importfest melanie mckenna

If I'm not at my booth tomorrow, you'll know where I'll be...
pasmag importfest streetoutlawz booth

The other Importfest flagship car - Nissan 370z owned by Harvin Minas.
pasmag importfest Harvin Minas 370z

Titoboy Approved Apparel (Team TBA) has this NSX on display at their booth.
pasmag importfest titoboyapproved nsx

Stay tuned for more updates!

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