Golden Customs C5 Corvette


Photos by: Jacob Leveton

This vicious Vette was fashioned as a demo vehicle for Golden Customs, intended to showcase the imagination and installation abilities of the shop at events across the country. Regardless of the fact that it is often elegantly chauffeured on a trailer, this silver beast was built to go fast. The burly small-bock V-8 has been accessorized to breathe better with a Vara ram-air intake and Borla stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust system.


Virtually every inch of the Corvette has been altered and air-brushed in order to carry out the universal theme, creating some sort of surreal bio-mechanical beast and bringing the project to life.


Entering the belly of the beast involves the spectacle of upward sliding and pivoting doors supplied by the supportive team at Verticaldoors.


The new interior was built from scratch and specifically molded to house the gauges from Select Products and various electronic components.


Screens inhabit a number of areas in the car such as this 17 inch motorized pop-up screen from Accelle Electronics.

Gold Rush Rally 2013: GR5
Rated R Superstar

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