FLASHBACK (2008) | Hot Import Nights | Los Angeles, California

Do you remember seeing the first BMW e90 platform with both a supercharger and turbo set-up, with a sick wide body and spectacular audio / video system? Rewind to 2008 and the Projekt Cars team decided to roll with two BMWs from Texas to the premier HIN in the city of Angels.

After transporting the widebody e46 and the newly acquired and heavily modified carbon fiber laden e92 (displayed at the euroTuner booth) 800 miles, it was time to set up.  The process took several hours with the e46, since various plaques were displayed among various monitors around the vehicle. With set-up complete, we began to realize the amount of automotive talent the Staple Center was about to present to the SoCal tuner community.

There were wide body Supras galore, full race Evos, custom BMWs, and meticulously built Hondas. Our favorite location of the event was the designated area for High End Performance. Twenty (plus) vehicles were displayed in a Japanese themed area where gorgeous models dressed in traditional dresses and bamboo umbrellas paraded throughout the night. This stunning area of vehicular masterpieces almost equaled the excitement of meeting one of our favorite athletes that evening, Rampage.  Mr. Rampage was currently the fighter to watch in MMA, and he was kind enough to chat with the Projekt Cars crew as he stood next to his highly modified Toyo-sponsored lifted truck.

Hot Import Nights did not disappoint that evening, but then again, since Projekt Cars first appearance in an HIN in 2000, they have rarely disappointed. After the event, the e92 was shot for a magazine, then was placed on a trailer, and transported back to Texas with e46 to await the next event.

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