FLASHBACK (2007) | DUB Show | Houston, Texas

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Do you remember Paul Wall and his diamond encrusted Grill? Flashback to 2007 and the DUB Show Tour at Houston’s Reliant Center where grips of whips were strategically placed throughout the venue.  The Projekt Cars team was asked to bring out the VW Passat and widebody e46 to be displayed in the Toyo Tires booth. The booth consisted of their Huge white Toyo transport, customized golf cart, a rally Mustang, and the Projekt Cars rides.

The Houston crowd were entertained by not only a mass array of Kandy colored vehicles in all shapes and sizes, but also a list of the times top Rap performers. Paul Wall was the main act, but others such as Slim Thug, Lil Scrappy, Rich Boy and Trea gave the 13,000+ attendees a great concert.

Amist spectacular booths from Dell, Pepsi, Toyo and TiS, were vehicles catching on the lambo-door trend, as well as SUV’s trying to fit up to 30” Toyos underneath their slammed frames.  We saw everything from widebody track Supras to sky high Donks throughout the show. And, at the end of the evening, The Projekt Cars team left with over five major awards.

The next DUB Show is 16 June, at Dallas’ Convention Center. The staff at DUB have stated that this venue is now larger than the LA Show. Projekt Cars is gearing up, and will be transporting 9 vehicles to the event. See you there.

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