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On the surface, Alex Yao’s 35th Anniversary Edition Nissan 350Z looks mild-mannered, with a neat little skirt package and a sweet set of Volk Racing wheels that perfectly accent this daily-driver. However, after getting the inside scoop on the actual build-up, it’s quite possible that this is best specimen of the Z33 we’ve come across yet.

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Every precaution has been made to ensure that the Z is able to support its He-Man powers. 760hp and 713 lb/ft of torque to the rear wheels at a modest 18psi of boost. The APS Extreme Twin Turbo System propels this monster in ways no other 350z can match.


Lift the carbon fibre hatch and you’ll find a seemingly factory trunk-space – the factory carpet is intact, as is the Z’s signature massive rear strut bar. However, a peek under the carpet reveals the shop’s efforts – a custom enclosure that houses seven Elemental Designs 6.5-subwoofers and a DLS amplifier.

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Shown here are the Stradias Hyberblack Seats, Bride Seat sliders, and the Takata 4-Point Harnesses.

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BF Goodrich KDW2 265/35/18 at the front and Drag Radials 295/35/18r at the rear.
Volk TE-37 Time Attack rims, custom-made, 18x9.5 + 22 at the front and 18x10.5 + 22at the rear.

Elemental Designs Nissan 420Ztt 9.05 2
This car is loaded with carbon fibre, from the Centre Console, the Instrument Crown Cover, and the Switch panels all done by EVO-R. An Alpine Head Unit controls the speaker system, including the 7 6.5" subwoofers by Elemental Designs.

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