Danny's 04' Mitsubishi EVO MR

JL Audio Mitsubishi EVO 3

The Evo MR is fast, scary fast and even with mild tweaks the one you see here really moves. Owner Danny Sarmiento of Queens, NY purchased this vehicle brand new back in late 2004 and as he grew tired of its looks and performance, continued to modify it. What he ended up with is a car that cost double the sticker price but will rival supercars out there costing $6-figures on the track.

JL Audio Mitsubishi EVO 1

With an ECU re-flash and the addition of an HKS EVC V boost controller, the car makes some decent power over stock. Netting a total 360whp, the daily driver now had a broader powerband with a flat torque curve. The bump in power meant that the stock clutch had to go and an OS Giken twin plate found its way into the bell-housing to harness it.

JL Audio Mitsubishi EVO 4

A pair of BRIDE Zeta III seats in hyper black are only one component of the BRIDE items inside the cabin. The rears seats have been reupholstered to match the fronts in addition to the: boost, arms rests, door cards, floor mats and even the visors. For safety a Cusco 6-point cage has been bolted in with Takata harnesses.

JL Audio Mitsubishi EVO 6

As for audio, Sarmiento went with some of the best but a modest amount of it. A pair of JL Audio W3V3 12-inch subs tucked in a custom fiberglass and BRIDE fabric wrapped enclosure are driven by a JL Audio 500.1 mono amplifier.

JL Audio Mitsubishi EVO 5

A set of Advan RS 18x9-inch finished in gunmetal are found on all four corners. Four Toyo R888 R-compounds are found on all four corners measuring 255/35R18 for some sure-footed grip.

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