Custom PASMAG packages

We give the option to potential PASMAG subscribers to customize their subscription to our magazine. Some choose a 1-year, others choose a 2-year, while most people choose a 3-year package not only because of its savings but because this package includes a PASMAG branded t-shirt.

PASMAGnew - black t-shirt proof

Each subscription package has their benefits (bonus items). We offer a 2-year subscription package that consists of a custom 18x24 poster board with the option to select any one of our cover graphics to be printed on it. Philip Ilagan subscribed sometime last year and selected this package and decided to get Jeri Lee's cover graphic printed on the poster board.

Last week, Philip got the chance to see Jeri Lee at the Kuya Model Expo in California and added the final touch to his PASMAG poster board - a personalize note and signature.

PAS Philip Ilagan - Jeri Lee poster

To subscribe to a custom PASMAG package, go HERE. Use promo code FACEBOOK and save $5 on any of our packages!

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