Cupcake Meet, San Antonio - 16 March, 2013

Cupcake Meet began in Zilker Park, in Austin, an idea among a few friends to raise awareness of the car-show community, vehicular culture, mechanical aesthetics and engineering. As the movement grew popular, the originators of the Cupcake Meet event began to formalize their plans and their communitarian visions. They took steps to organize as a corporation, incorporating in 2010, and began donating to charities after designing a way to do so. Through donations raised at the gates of their events, Cupcake Meet has provided thousands of dollars to different charities, mainly in Texas. But since Cupcake Meet is using social media and sends directors to other states to network with companies and enthusiasts, it has expanded beyond the confines of Texas to other states. As well, it is Cupcake Meet’s national vision to organize a single, coordinated series of car meets across multiple U.S. cities, from which a single, pooled donation shall be accumulated to donate to one major charity. Cupcake Meet intends to continue donating to charities and shoot for annual nationally coordinated events after meeting this initial goal.

The San Antonio venue was the first one for Projekt Cars, and from the onset, we know this would be a grand event. As we entered the parking lot early on 16 March, there was already a line of gorgeous Infinity’s getting their final wipe down. As the morning progressed, with witnessed a myriad of vehicle join the early bird crowd. From blue-camo GTR’s to classic muscle, to a line-up of BMWs, all types of modified beast littered the huge parking space for the event. Aside from the wind, the event was perfect! Amazing vehicles, drifting, prize give-aways, and the Texas friendliness is making the Projekt Cars team impatient for the next Cupcake Meet!!! Pics from Jozeph Rodriguez and Projekt Cars YOUTUBE:

Limitless Passion, Juan Ortiz
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