Challenge Sur Neige 2013

With it being winter and all there is not much going on in terms of motorsports but there are a few events that do take place to keep us gear heads happy. One of those events is the Challenge Sur New ( Snow Challenge ) that takes place at the AutoDrome St Eustache that is just north of Montreal. This event is organized by some of the guys that do the oval events at the track during the summer time but with the snow it brings a lot of different types of racers out for fun. ..  This year DMCC champ Marc Landreville even made it out piloting a civic hatch. DMCC driver Francis Tasse ( who finishing 3rd in points) also came out driving a Paseo. MDTuning who usualy builds fast honda drag cars came out in their AWD Turbo'd civic that is a crowd favourite. Its one of the most fun events I get to cover, the action is crazy and just a plain good old time. A great way to spend a winters day.

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