Cadence Mobile Audio Divvy Van

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This car audio demo vehicle follows the simplest of formulas – start big and go bigger! The first part was easily accomplished by using a full-size van for this project. In this case, it's a 1996-2003 Mercedes-Benz Vito with the 140 hp gasoline engine; and, its smörgåsbord of interior space has become a veritable show-stopper for Cadence Sound System and Xylux Distributions.

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Such an undertaking adds significant weight to any vehicle, much of the versatile Mercedes van, including the walls, ceiling, doors and hinges were all reinforced. Stiffer heavy duty rear springs from Suspension City in North Melbourne also got installed to prevent bottoming out, not that the vehicle is driven on a regular basis. The body and paint work done by Enhanced Panel Services (in Tullamarine) and the 20- x 8.5-inch chrome Jestalt 3 wheels and tire combo is courtesy of Bob-Jane T-Mart (in Preston). Of course, Cadence coughed up the electronics that make this demo vehicle what it is – a rolling product showcase.

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When those rear doors are opened, it's obvious the installers had their work cut out for them. But, believe it or not, it only took three months to get the entire project to this stage says Caputo. If the police-inspired checkerboard-on-blue exterior doesn't make it look official enough, the front and rear light bars and bass patrol moniker on the rear doors should tell you this van means business.

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Kamil Moussa's Erupt Concepts (in Reservoir) is the outfit that took on the extreme audio installation. To give you a brief intro/overview, there are 24 batteries supplying 28 amplifiers with enough voltage for 168 speakers. Total system power is in the neighbourhood of 17,120 Watts RMS, which is more than enough to divide a community. And, more than the Cadence ambulance had in all respects.

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As for interior mods, the extreme audio install dictated all kinds of special provisions for mounting speakers, amps and the like. That said, practically every square inch of interior has been painted white to help the products stand out; and, the original seats have been re-skinned with white and blue metallic vinyl to match the exterior. A custom instrument panel also made its way into the vehicle.

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So, with nearly $130,000 in parts and labour combined, “This vehicle has more sound equipment than most nightclubs, is twice as loud, and chicks dig it!” Caputo says. “There's nothing else in the world like it, so there was nothing to base it on other than our last vehicle. Kudos to Rick van Bree for coming up with such an outstanding system and vehicle graphics design.”

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