Brakefast: July 23rd, 2013

Hope the week has started off well for you! Here's what's trending on It's your morning BrakeFast!

Tuner Battlegrounds "Battle Royale" Final Four to be invited to SEMA 2013!

Tuner Battlegrounds - SEMA v2

Check out Tuner Battlegrounds for yourself:

Shout-out to Garry Yocius who won the mini-Tuner Battlegrounds event competition at Waterfest!


Garry won a print feature in an upcoming issue of PAS. Great job Garry!

Check out Garry's Tuner Battlegrounds profile:

The Clarion XC1410 amplifier is our current featured product


Read the full review:

Chris Forsberg won Formula Drift 2013 Round 5: Throwdown


Read our event coverage:

D3's 1001 hp Cadillac CTS-V
#Koukione gets new rubber