AutoRama, San Antonio: 15-17 March, 2013



San Antonio AutoRAMA
March 15-17 . Joe Freeman Exposition Hall
Antiques . Exotics . Classic Trucks . Custom Modified . Muscle Car Classics, Street Rods & Hot Rods . Restored Classics . Original Non-Restored Classics

We believe that if you are a true enthusiasts, you can appreciate all types of automotive shows, especially when the root of most modern day modifications emerged from a certain genre. This is why the Projekt Cars Team was extreme excited to travel to San Antonio for the three day Autorama. Yes, we get a kick out of seeing 1000hp Supras, Civics with all polished engine bays, and track ready Subies, but we also understand that engine swaps, custom two-tone paint jobs and suicide doors come from the likes of the competitors at Autorama. At this event we were in awe with such vehicles as Wm.F.Vaughn’s 1964 Ford Fairlane, John Twitty’s 1986 Corvette (Outstanding Individual Display), Steve Thompson’s 1964 Lincoln Continental (Outstanding Custom), James Jaeger’s 2009 Harley Bagger (Outstanding Engine-Bike), and Jim Childers’ 1933 Ford Coupe (Outstanding Undercarriage). We were also witness to, and grew a fond respect to the wife/husband “teams” which worked on cleaning the vehicle and setting up the very elaborate displays. These teams were older than most of our grandparents, but it was obvious to us, the passion for the automotive industry could well have started early in their youths. They were very kind when questions were asked about their vehicles, and gleemed…..just like the young tuner enthusiast does when told they have an amazing looking vehicle.  It was a complete joy walking the event and discussing the modifications with the competitors.  We cannot wait until the next one.


The Autorama shows are held around the United States and attract various people and cars from several parts of the US. There are "feature" cars that are invited to attend the show, from their past successes and appearances. This is a show circuit in which the custom cars run, and the majority of competitors attend several shows throughout the year. To be able to have your vehicle judged in the show you must be a member of ISCA (International Show Car Association). You do not have to join the ISCA if you do not want your car judged. To find more information on the ISCA visit the AutoRama website. -AutoRama


Rising Star Award                                                                   Mike Namnjo           1963 Chev Impala.


Top Awards: Street Achievments..Glass award                     

Best Paint                                                                                Guadalupe Dimas   

Best Interior                                                                             Ira Giddens

Best Engine                                                                             Steven Staycoff

Best Traditional                                                                       Justin Schoener

Best Modern Muscle                                                                Steve Enochs

Best Truck                                                                               Donald Jenkins

Best Rod                                                                                 Lorenzo Castillo

Best Custom / Sports                                                              Steven Martinez .

Best Restored                                                                         Billy Taubert

Best Street                                                                              Juan Curiel


Club Awards: Outstanding Club Display                                  Classic Street Knights

Outstanding Club Display                                                        Alamo City Rods

BEST Club Display                                                                  San Antonio Camaro Club


ISCA Awards: " International Show Car Association "

Outstanding Individual Display                 John Twitty                              1986 corvette.


Outstanding 10 X 20 Display                                   Wm.F.Vaughn                         1964 Ford Fairlane

Outstanding Non-electrical Display                          Jeff Woodrow                          1954 CJ3B Willys Jeep.

Outstanding Detail                                                   Mike Prescher                         1999 Pontiac T/A

Outstanding Engineered                                          Felipe Elizondo                        1949 Chev P/U.

Outstanding Undercarriage                                     Jim Childers                             1933 Ford Coupe.


Outstanding Paint                                                    Buddy Jordan                          Linc Custom Coupe.

                                                                                 Jim Childers                             1933 Ford Coupe.

                                                                                 Louis Velez                              1968 Chev Camaro.

                                                                                 Joey Gonzalez                         2010 Corvette.

                                                                                  Steve Thompson                     1964 Linc Contin.Conv.


Outstanding Use of Color Design                            Joey Gonzalez                         2011 Chev Trk.

Outstanding Bike Paint                                            Jorge Gallegos                        2004 Harley Davidson.

Outstanding Engine-Custom                                   John Simonetta                       2010 Chev Camaro.

Outstanding Engine-Rod                                         Jim Childers                             1933 Ford Coupe.

Outstanding Engine-Truck                                       Michael Carreon                      1948 Ford F-11

Outstanding Engine-Street Machine Comp             Roland Ramirez                      1957 Chev 2dr BelAir.

Outstanding Engine-Restored                                 Mike Prescher                         1999 Pontiac T/A.

Outstanding Engine-Bike                                         James Jaeger                          2009 Harley Bagger

Outstanding Interior-Custom                                   Steve Thompson                     1964 Linc Cont.Conv.

Outstanding Interior-Rod                                         Buddy Jordan                          Linc Custom Coupe.

Outstanding Interior-Truck                                      Morris Gwinn                           1953 Ford F-100

Outstanding Interior-Street Machine Comp             Craig Luitjen                            1993 Chev Baretta

Outstanding Interior-Restored                                 Jay Pearcy                               1930 Ford Coupe

Outstanding Custom                                                Steve Thompson                     1964 Linc Cont.Conv.

Outstanding Sports/Sports Compact                       Pablo Di Paola                         2009 Pontiac Solstice.

Outstanding Full/Radical/Handbuilt Custom            John Twitty                              1986 Corvette.

Outstanding Truck                                                   Morris Gwinn                           1953 Ford F1

Outstanding Full/Radical/Handbuilt Truck                Felipe Elizondo                        Chev P/U.

Outstanding Street Machine                                    Roland Ramirez                      1957 Chev 2dr BelAir.

Outstanding Competition                                         Jeff Wills                                  Top Alcohol Dragster.

Outstanding Street Rod                                           Jim Childers                             1933 Ford Coupe.

Outstanding Custom Rod                                        Buddy Jordan                          Linc Custom Coupe.

Outstanding Restored                                             Jay Pearcy                               1930 Ford Coupe.

Outstanding Bike                                                     James Jaeger                          2009 Harley Bagger.


Crystal Awards:

Best Bike                                 Kelly Parson                                            2012 SSC Pro Street

Best Restored                         Danny & Catherine Hutto                        1951 Ford F1

Best Rod                                 Buddy Jordan                                          1933 Ford 33 Speed.

Best Street Machine                John Hamilton                                         1989 Ford Mustang.

Best Truck                               Wayne Terry                                           1967 Chev P/u.

Best Custom                            Jeff Pate                                                  1963 Ford Galaxie.


San Antonio AutoRama:

BEST BIKE BUILDER                                                                             Desperado Motorcycles.

BEST AUTO BUILDER.                                                                          Bob McCall Restorations.

Pics from Projekt Cars

Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90's as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through Rollin'Art. Carlos Molina, founder of Projekt Cars, holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, a Masters in Project Management, Colorado Technical University, and several post graduate certifications. He has extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, both OEM and aftermarket platforms. In addition, Mr. Molina is a 14 year US Armed Forces veteran and a recipient of the coveted Soldier's Medal. His experience within the aftermarket community has allowed him to foster long lasting relationships, both in the media and highly-influential marketing divisions. He has worked with companies such as DaimlerChrysler, GoFast Energy Drinks, Konig Wheels, Westin Automotive, Forgeline Wheels, Seibon Carbon, Hahn Racecraft, and Morette.

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