A Sexy 3-Series with a Couple Toys

Hello Fans, so we finally fought off the weather and managed to meet up with Tasweer with his Supercharged 3-series. It is definitely a machine I wouldn't mind taking for a spin. The paint alone is so unique and what he has done for trunk audio is pretty cool to match. So lets let Tasweer tell us about who he is and what he has done. This should be interesting!

"I’m Tasweer Memon, also known as Taz. I live in York, PA and I am a Cytologist. I first purchased my BMW in 2000. The color, Sienna Red Metallic 2, was produced in limited run. After purchasing the BMW, I started to search for some simple and unique modifications. My research led me to a forum called e46fanatics.com. On the forum,  I came across some heavily modified BMWs. In a matter of a few months, I became a full blown addict. I have always had an interest in cars, but have never owned a project car. I wanted my car to have very clean and unique look, and decided to begin taking the steps to make that a reality.    

I began slowly, as the parts for the car were expensive. A year later, after the addition of a few of these parts, the BMW began to look different from what I had seen on the forum. I purchased the Reiger GTR kit with M5 conversion. I came to find out that I had to cut ¾ of  the front bumper in order to mount the M5 add-on. I went to Bodywerks, a local body shop in Etters, PA that I heard about from a friend. I asked Bob at Bodywerks to mold the front into the OEM bumper because I didn't want to see the prominent line that you usually see with an add-on a piece. I then proceeded to have my carbon fiber hood molded with custom vents that have carbon partially exposed. I also had Bodywerk paint and install Reiger GTR sides and a full rear bumper.

While the car was beginning to meet my expectations, I wasn't pleased with amount of power the car was putting out. With an  aggressive look, I had to give it some power. I contacted  Active Autowerks(AA). They had a supercharger for my car. At that time AA was the only one that I knew that made a nice, reliable  kit for 323i. After receiving the supercharger, my good friend Charlie and I began to install the Supercharger. After it was complete, I took it for test drive. I was absolutely elated. As everyone knows; with boost, you need brakes. After putting the Iforge 3-piece wheels on, I put on Stoptech BBK.

To compete in shows like HIN or Tuner Wars, I need Audio video(ICE) set-up. I am also a music enthusiast, and wanted to further the sound quality. I took the car to Town Sound in York, PA. Greg, the owner and the well  known installer, who also happened to be  an IASCA judge, gave me  some great ideas. I told him that sometime down the line, I would like to be competing in SQ competitions. He gutted the whole car and rewired it according to the IASCA rule book. At this point, Greg and his partner Rafael Espinosa (Raf) had wired up the whole car. This was the first time I had ever heard of a high end system, and have become quickly spoiled by it!"

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Photo creds: DDAMANTI and one of me from Tasimaging Tas :p

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