Maxime Cyrenne huge crash at DMCC rd4

At DMCC Round 4 at Riverside Speedway, DMCC Pro driver, Maxime Cyrenne, had a huge crash during a practice session. Luckily, he only had some minor injuries from the crash. It is not a topic I like posting about but it goes to show how dangerous this sport is and how quickly it can go wrong.
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Francis Tasse WINS DMCC Round 3 at Montmagny, Quebec!

DMCC RD3 took place at  Autodrome Montmagny over the weekend. It was a great event with some killer action. In the end Francis Tasse took home his first win of the season.    Full article coming soon on  
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Kevin Morin Takes Home Highest Entry Speed Award at DMCC Round 3 (Montmagny, Quebec)

Kevin Morin takes home highest entry speed award at DMCC rd3 with a impressive 130kmh.   Look for the complete article on very soon!  
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Formula D Should Make This An Official Course

BMW ups the ante showcasing their new BMW M4 drifting close to the edge on top of an aircraft carrier.
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Suspension Made Out of Glass?!?

Audi has stepped up their game in the pursuit of lightening the vehicle  more than ever. The latest springs are made from glass fiber-reinforced composite instead of steel. Read more in the link below.
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