Happy New Year: A M2-Motoring Introduction.

M2 Motoring Scion xB

Happy New Years, Everyone!  For my first post as a Performance Auto and Sound Magazine (PASMAG) contributor, I just wanted to start off by introducing myself.  My name is Michael Ma and my company is M2-Motoring.  I've been blessed and honored to be given an opportunity by the great people at PASMAG to share my experience with you all.

To give you a brief history about myself - I’ve been around the automotive industry for about 20 years now (too long haha) and have had M2-Motoring as my company for about 16 years.  My company started off as a retailer for parts and accessories, then gradually shifted to manufacturing parts as well with wholesale and distribution.  In the mid 2000’s I began working with OEM’s on project vehicles for tours and SEMA/CES and haven’t stopped since.  It’s been a very fun experience and helps keep the passion part of the business alive.

In the upcoming posts I will be featuring some of our previous builds and new and upcoming builds for this year.   My business partner and little brother-in-all is Steven Vuong.  He puts up with my crap and our sleepless nights working on cars for years. HAHA! I hope to see you all around soon!


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